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New Hampshire Hands-Free Law

On July 1, 2015 New Hampshire's Hands-Free Law went into effect. What this means:

  • No use of hand-held electronic devices capable of providing voice or data communication while driving or temporarily halted in traffic for a stop sign or traffic signal or other momentary delays This includes cell phones, GPS, tablets, iPods, iPads or other devices that require data entry
  • Emergency calls to 911 or other public safety agencies will be allowed
  • Bluetooth or other hands-free electronic devices will be allowed
  • One hand non-cellular 2-way radio use will be allowed
  • Teen drivers under the age of 18 will not be allowed to use any electronic devices (hand-held or not) except to report an emergency. Anyone violating this will be subject to penalties and license suspension or revocation.
  • Penalties for Violations
  • 1st Offense - $100 fine
  • 2nd Offense - $250 fine
  • 3rd Offense within 2 years - $500 fine

Follow this link to read hb 1360 in its final version:

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